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Distributed ledger technology for the modern consumer.

What's so awesome about us?

Advanced hands on retail industry experience and deep knowledge of distributed ledger technology will give you the answers you need.

Retail experience

More than 5 years of hands on experience at a leading Canadian retailer. We speak your language and understand your pain points!

Blockchain expertise

Advanced knowledge of distributed ledger technology, its use cases, and regulatory information will help you make an informed decision.

Strategic vision

Business strategy background will ensure distributed ledger technology is the right solution above all others.

Who we are


Chelsea Ferriday

Chelsea is a retail and loyalty expert with over 5 years experience in business strategy and thought leadership. Chelsea is also a blockchain enthusiast with experience trying and testing use cases and advanced knowledge of Canadian fintech regulations impacting the retail industry.

Key services

Even more reasons to purchase this template. More to come with a future update.

01. Advisory

Consultations, business development, and advisory services in distributed ledger technology related to retail and service industries.

02. Research

Coordinates and organizes interdisciplnary research, including white papers, working groups, and forums advising on DLT policy issues and products.

03. Speaking

Speaking at leading fintech, disruptive tech, and distrubted ledger tech events advancing the development of fintech technology in retail and service sectors.

04. Education

One on one training sessions on use cases and regulatory challenges for retail and service industries in deploying distributed ledger technology.


Reach out for insights on how distributed ledger technology can improve your retail or service-based business with ease.


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